KC Concepcion Unbelievably Swims In The Cold Waters Of Sagada! This Is Completely Insane!


KC Concepcion, the celebrity daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, is a very carefree and adventurous type of person. Because she spent her later years studying abroad, she was forced to learn how to take care of herself and become independent.

Despite having celebrity parents and entering the showbiz industry for quite some time, KC showed to everyone that her interests are quite different from what society expects her to be. Though she has a knack for singing and acting, this young woman loves to travel and even posts her escapades, which she calls Kacecapades, in her Instagram account.

Her most recent destination was in the popular tourist spot, Sagada. Her posts include plenty of trekking, swimming, and of course eating. 
One of her posts shows her jumping in a river. You can tell how cold the water is judging by the way she screamed.

“Trekked more than 10,000 steps, to and from H E A V E N  || Enjoy the adventure with me! #GlutesOnFire #Trekking #Waterfalls #Cordillera #Philippines #KacecapadesSAGADA”

You can really see how much she loves nature through her photos.


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