Karylle Hasn't Shower For 4 Days And This Is Vice Ganda's Reaction After Smelling It! Watch This!


The cast of the ABS-CBN noontime show It’s Showtime’ are known for their silly antics and never ending jokes. They either decide to tease one another or play jokes on the audience. Whatever their decision is, you can expect that each day would be unique.

Due to their close bond with each other, it is normal for the group to play tricks on one another even backstage. There’s even enough proof of these backstage jokes since Vice Ganda is notorious for making short clips of them off-cam. 

Vice Ganda’s favorite person to tease is obviously Vhong Navarro judging by the number of videos he posts of the two of them. 

However, from time to time, Vice Ganda also plays tricks on some of his co-hosts such as Karylle Padilla-Yuzon.

Karylle Hasn't Shower For 4 Days And Now This Is The Smell Of Her Hair!

Despite Karylle’s apparent beauty, Vice Ganda still manages to find something wrong about her. Even if you think Vice Ganda’s jokes are sometimes harsh, trust us when we say that it’s normal for them in ‘It’s Showtime’ to get bashed by the comedian.

Karylle Hasn't Shower For 4 Days And Now This Is The Smell Of Her Hair!

In one instance, Vice Ganda made a video with him, Vhong, and Karylle.  It appears as though Vice Ganda was trying to get the attention of his two co-hosts who were busy playing with their phones during that time. 

According to Vhong, he and Karylle were trying to research online regarding what joke they will play on Vice Ganda but to no avail.

Karylle Hasn't Shower For 4 Days And Now This Is The Smell Of Her Hair!

The comedian then saw Karylle’s hair and decided to annoy Karylle using it. 

“Maganda ka K noh?” Vice Ganda told Karylle to which Karylle responded “Ang bango ko kaya,” as they were previously talking about the way they all smell. 
Vice Ganda continued by saying “Pero bakit hindi ka nagbabasa ng ulo for 4 days?”
Of course, Karylle denied Vice Ganda’s allegations. 
“Maganda syang babae pero amoy keps yung ulo nya,” said Vice Ganda to Karylle in an attempt to annoy her.

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