Fresh Graduate Gets The Best Graduation Gift From His Father, You'd Definitely Wish You Had One As Well!


Graduating from college is perhaps the most challenging part of everybody’s journey. Receiving your diplomas and achieving your own dreams require a lot of patience, determination and hard work. So it is just fair and reasonable to reward students who are able to manifest these skills and attitude only to finish college.

BS Information Technology graduate Emjey Arce is probably one of the happiest graduates from the Holy Angel University. Aside from his college diploma, he received another special gift from his parents that really shocked him. Just as when he thought that he and his dad are just walking back to their old car as his graduation ceremony ended, what surprised him is a brand new blue “sexy beast”. He was so shocked that it actually took him seconds before realizing that the brand new car is really for him. He then went to his dad’s direction and gave him a warm big hug. Watch how Emjey’s parents surprised him:

Emjey shared his blessing on his Facebook account and his post is now going viral. It has been shared for almost 12,500 times and it already received more than 19,000 Facebook reactions as of this writing. The netizens were all amazed by how his parents rewarded his hard work. Most of them claimed that he might have shown that he really deserves a brand new car. Netizens who flocked to the comments section to express their opinions agree that it is only appropriate for parents to see and recognize the efforts of their children.

If your child graduated from college, what would be your graduation gift for him/her? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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