Beautician Dies After Being Hit By A Train Because She Was Wearing Her Earphones And Could Not Hear The Train When She Crossed The Railways!


Commuting becomes a chore when you do the routine every day

Add to that Manila’s notorious traffic and it gets all the more tedious. 

That’s why commuters often arm themselves with mp3 players or their cell phones with the playlists of their choice, wanting to hear their favorite songs in order to ease themselves of the terrible urban war. 

But not every commuting habit is good, as evidenced by the report released by ABS-CBN News. According to them, a beautician died while crossing the railways of PNR (Philippine National Railways) because she had her earphones on. 

Journal Online reported that she was Marivic dela Cruz, a 34-year-old beautician who lived on San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. 

Police superintendent Aquino Olivar of the Manila Police District IV claimed that the accident took place at around 7:15 in the evening. 

Dela Cruz walked along the southbound railways located on Maria Clara Street, near the corner of Antipolo Street in Sampaloc, Manila. Traffic investigator SPO1 Christopher David revealed that Dela Cruz seemed to not notice the train headed her way, hence the accident.

She was crushed and was reportedly beyond recognition. The train driver that time, Arjon Catura, said that he immediately stepped on the brakes to save Dela Cruz but wasn’t able to.

According to ABS-CBN News, Dela Cruz not only had her earphones with her but was allegedly tired and lacked sleep as well. She was also talking with someone on the phone that time. 

An unidentified witness claimed that the beautician continued to walk along the tracks even when the train honked repeatedly. “Hindi na rin po aabutin, kasi malapit na rin ‘yung tren nung nakita ko siya,” he said in an interview. 

EJ Santos, her brother, said, “May kausap po ‘yan sa cellphone, ‘di niya po napansin.” 

See the whole video report below! 

Shocking! Do you also listen to your songs as well during the commute, especially when walking or crossing the road? We advise you not to! Be careful out there and always stay vigilant.

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