Awra Briguela And Inigo Pascual Was Caught On Camera Doing THIS! Totally Unbelievable!


Inigo Pascual is one of the most promising young actors of his generation. The charm which he inherited from his father Piolo Pascual enabled him to capture the hearts of his fans and supporters. .

That is why child star Awra Briguela should be considered lucky not to only see Inigo in person but to actually share some bonding with him. 

While the two are waiting at an airport, they used their waiting time to create funny memories together. Both of them are making fun of each other which is really cute to watch. It is very entertaining and pleasing to see that these young actors are really having some sort of connection which is very important in their job.

In this viral video, Inigo and Awra repeatedly teased each other using their snap chat videos and phone camera. They enjoyed laughing at each other during the entire video. Watch it here:

The two young actors are currently enjoying their successful careers under the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network. With their talent and charm, it is no wonder that a lot of blessings are in store for them.

What can you say about their bonding time? Do you think all artists should be as close as this to develop a harmonious working relationship? Share your opinions in the comments section below. 
Source: Youtube

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