WOW! This Boy From Pampanga Received a Total of 58 Medals During His Elementary School Graduation!


In this world, there are people who are exceptionally gifted.

It’s not every day that you see these types of people. They make you believe — albeit briefly — that greatness still resides in the world.

Have you ever witnessed a person so talented that they received 58 medals all at once?

Meet 12-year-old Joshua Santiago. He just took home a staggering amount of medals when the Mabiga Mabalacat Elementary School in Pampanga conducted their graduation rites. 

Mrs. Santiago explained that not all of the medals were academic in nature.

She said that Joshua also received medals for the swimming competitions he joined during the school year, hence the numerous amount of medals on his neck.

Her post stated that the school has decided to recognize his victories. 

She explained on Facebook: 

“Ang mga Medals po na natanggap ng aking anak Joshua Santiago ay hindi Lamang po biLang Academic Award kundi bahagi din po dito ang mga MedaLs na naipon at napagsikapan po nya sa bawat Laban na kanyang sinaLihan sa loob ng 1 taon sa Larangang ng PagLangoy na umabot ng 58”

“kasama na po ang Academic Award at biLang pagkiLaLa po ng kanyang School sa husay nya sa Larangan ng PagLangoy ay minabuti po ng Mabiga Elementary School na ikawad ang lahat ng medalya na kanyang natanggap biLang bahagi po ng kanyang pagtatapos sa Elementarya at pagkiLaLa na rin po biLang kauna-unahang Estudyante ng Mabiga Elementary School na nagtamo ng Parangal na AtLeta ng Taon” 

Joshua also received a medal for being the first-ever student of Mabiga Mabalacat Elementary School to be recognized as the “Athlete of the Year.” 

Joshua posted the awarding ceremony on Facebook and captioned it with, “Mas mabigat ngayon compare Last Year .. Hahhaha .. Happy Day .. Graduation Day ..” 

Watch the inspiring moment here: 

Wow! Congratulations, Joshua! 

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Source: Facebook

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