Woman Warns the Netizens of a Strange Girl She Encountered: 'In Jesus' name, umalis ka Satanas!' MUST READ HERE!


We have been told time and time again by our mothers (and elders) that we shouldn’t talk to strangers or entertain them in any way. There is a reason they have imposed on us that warning, no matter how weird it may sound. 

But as we grow up and begin to have minds of our own, we realize that indeed, what they are saying are actually true. 

This is the case of Facebook user Caroline Chen, who posted her strange encounter with a “creepy girl.” According to her, she wants the public to be aware of the woman and similar people who may be her accomplices. 

She said, “Maraming bahay na silang pinuntahan. Manghihingi sila ng pera. At namimilit talaga sila sa paghingi ng pera. Huwag tayong maging kampante, dahil di natin alam ang totoong intention nila.” 

Woman Warns the Netizens of a Strange Girl She Encountered: 'In Jesus' name, umalis ka Satanas!' READ HERE!

Chen narrated that the woman knocked outside their house. She was with somebody else but it was the black-attired woman that Chen found strange.

When she saw them, she immediately got scared because the woman was wearing a full-on black attire with black eyeliner. Her hair was also in disarray.

Chen opened their gate and entertained the woman, along with her companion. “Ano po kailangan nila?” she asked.

Woman Warns the Netizens of a Strange Girl She Encountered: 'In Jesus' name, umalis ka Satanas!' READ HERE!

The woman answered, “Hingi lang sana ng kaunting tulong para makauwi kami sa Maynila sa may Las Piñas kasi kami. Nanakawan kasi ako ng wallet kaya kailangan ko ng pera para makauwi.” 

Chen revealed in her post that after their conversation, she found out from her neighbor that the woman also went to them and said that her child was lost which was a different reason from what the woman told her. 

“Dapat sa DSWD kayo pumunta para matulungan kayo,” Chen said. But the woman answered that the department only gave them rice. She didn’t accept it because she has no means to cook it on her own as she doesn’t have a house. 

Chen relayed that the woman should’ve gone to the police instead because it seemed as if they were the proper authorities to handle her case. 

The woman answered, “’Di makakatulong ang mga pulis sa’min.”

At that point, Chen revealed that she offered to contact the authorities instead for the woman’s sake. She dialed a Chief Espinedo and asked the woman, “Ano pangalan mo para masabihan ko si Chief para matulungan ka.”

To her surprise, the woman only said, “Ang apelyido mo ay apelyido ko rin.” And then proceeded to walked out, along with her companion. 

Chen uttered, “In Jesus’ name, umalis ka Satanas.” 

According to her, the last line of the woman got her absolutely creeped out. She relayed that she doesn’t even know what it meant, but that, she got a creepy feeling. 

Her post continued, “Kaya nang sumagot sa tawag ko si Chief Espinedo, guma-gaan ang pagkaabala ko kasi sabi ni Chief na papupuntahan sila sa area para makuha at nang makausap nya.”

“Salamat kay Chief Espinedo na omaksyon kaagad sa tawag. God bless you Sir at sa mga pulis na kaagad na pumunta. Kung ano talaga siya. Kung ano talaga ang totoong intentions nya. I pray to God for safety para sa ating lahat against all evil doings around us.”


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