Woman Posted An Ad Online Selling Her Husband After He Cheated on Her Instead of Killing Him!


How would you expose an unfaithful partner or spouse? 

Some people would ask their friends to spy on their partners and catch them red handed. Others choose a simpler method by directly confronting their cheating spouses. 

In this day and age many netizens have opted to publicly shame their two-timing partners all over social media.

This woman chose a more hilarious way of dealing with her husband’s infidelity by posting an ad online wishing to sell her husband!

Netizen Lach Em Tee posted on the BENTAHAN NG MGA MOTOR 15K PABABA. BULACAN AREA page, where she offered P2,400 to anyone willing to purchase her husband of three years.

The post was formatted just like a “For Sale” advertisement complete with the necessary details of the item being sold. The hilarious details she provided for husband has plenty of netizens laughing. 

For example she described his weight as “pabigat sa buhay.”

But the funniest part of the ad is when this angry wife described her husband's ‘manhood size.’ Instead of using a regular form of measurement she had described her husband’s manhood in terms of small canned goods. 

The lady initially set the price at P2,400 but was willing to negotiate terms and prices. She even said she’d take installments.

The seller also made it clear that she has a ‘strict no return’ policy and that no bogus buyers should bother contacting her. 

Naturally her post was taken as a joke – although surely many other spouses like her wish they could get rid of their unfaithful partners this way.

She listed her Reason for Selling (RFS) him as: “Ayaw tumigil ng pambababae, kesa mapatay ko, ibenta ko na lang.”

Read her hilarious post here! 

Woman Posted An Ad Online Selling Her Husband After Cheating On Her!

How savage! 

What did you think of this post? Is there anyone in your life you wish you could sell off instead of being with? Let’s hear your stories in the comments section! Share this story on Facebook!
Source: Rachfeed

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