This Ruthless Woman Continuously Swings Around This Poor Baby Like It Is Some Kind Of A Doll!


Babies are the most delicate and sensitive individuals that you could lay your hands on. Because of their young age, their body parts and physical structures are too weak and too fragile. This means they should be handled with maximum care and safety.

This is the exact reason why this particular video below went extremely viral. It enraged many netizens as a woman can be seen swinging an infant as if it was just a plain doll.

The footage uploaded by Facebook user Bennie Cameron II shows a woman holding an infant in her arms. Moments later, she started to play with him as if he was nothing but a doll. She swayed him while only holding his hands, tumbled the baby back and forth and even flipped him. It can be observed that the baby almost could not move while painfully crying. She also held him on his legs and flipped him upside down.

What bothers many netizens is the fact that the woman swaying the baby is not alone in the room. There was another person who was actually taking the footage and another one who repeatedly passed by the video as if the disturbing activity is just a normal thing for them.

The enraged social media users could not resist placing their disappointed reactions in the post’s comments sections. They argued that these people should face criminal charges as they cannot properly handle an infant. They also claimed that the woman should be prohibited from even touching a defenseless baby. However, there are few of them who stated that this type of activity is actually allowed in certain countries.

Would you allow your baby to be treated this way? Do you think these people should face child abuse charges? Share your opinions in the comments section below.
Source: Facebook

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