Wife Cuts Off Her Husband's Manhood After Being Caught Cheating!


Even though the Philippines is strictly a predominantly Catholic country, people still commit adultery and enter into forbidden relationships with each other. 

It doesn’t matter that the ten commandments list adultery as a mortal sin; people still flock to where the poison is. 

In fact, Filipiknow reported that engaging in an extramarital affair earns you six months to four years of jail time (if you’re a man), and “destierro” or banishment for years (if you’re a woman). 

Destierro is when the woman is not allowed to live within the radius of 25 kilometers from the man’s house.

Also, according to the Philippine e-Legal Forum, men are charged with concubinage while the women are penalized with adultery. Adultery is when the woman participates in a s*xual relationship with a man who is not her husband. 

Meanwhile, concubinage is when the husband gets involved in a s*xual relationship with a woman who is not his wife. Along with this, the woman—or the mistress—who participates in the act is also charged with the man or the husband. 

Even though the penalty leans more towards men’s favor, the law is still in effect and currently being practiced by the Philippines.

In a video report that was released by ABS-CBN News, a 31-year-old woman has cut off her husband’s manhood because she found him having an affair with women. 

This makes the man charged with concubinage, along with his mistress. 

According to TV Patrol, she did the act while her husband was sleeping. In her translated statement, the report said, “Naubos na [raw] ang kanyang pasensya kaya nang maka-apat na beses nang-babae ang kanyang mister.” 

The report continued, “Pero sukdulan na raw nang malaman na anim na beses na siyang niloloko. Nadiskrube umano ng misis ang umano’y panloloko ng mister nang maramdaman na malaming na ang pakikitungo ng biktima sa kanya.”

Here is the whole video report for your reference: 

What do you think? If you found out that your husband or wife was having an affair, what will you do? Would you also do the same thing? 

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Source: ABS-CBN

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