What Would You Do If You Discovered That The Money You've Earned Abroad Is Being Spent By Your Husband For His Mistress?


Recently, the Facebook page FilipiKnows conducted a Facebook live headed by Lhey of Taiwan. The live video’s main agenda was to tackle the issue about mistresses with the main question “Anong gagawin mo kapag nalaman mong ang perang pinapadala mo sa Pilipinas ay ginamit lang sa kabit ng asawa mo?” 

We are all aware that not all OFW stories are success stories. There are also OFWs who end up having a broken families because their partners were cheating on them in the Philippines. OFWs just aim to provide the needs of the family they left behind but there are really instances wherein they left with a complete family but went back to a broken one. So here, the live video aimed to help the OFWs with what they should do once they knew that the mistress of their partner was using the money they are sending.

Lhey started the video and netizens, especially the OFWs who were watching the live video, were free to drop their ideas on the comment box. Here are some of them:

“Hhmm mam skn po pg nlmn kuna stop na sgro ako at iiwnn kuna sya.” - Hayati V Salvan

“Ako ng yari n yn nag sb mama k ng malaman ko umuwi ako at kinuha k ang anak k at nag harap km s loyer k at nki pag sundo ako n akin anak k at bhl n sy mag asawa ulit ay wl n ako pki yun ang kasunduan nmin” - Yzhie Uylove Choing Whings ·

“Hindi na uso ang martir kahit na Meron kayong anak Hiwalayan mo na it's not worth it 2017 na you will find happiness and love somewhere bakit ba lagi na Lang puro bata ang excuse .... nang ma nga tao para Lang Hindi maiwan ang asawa .” – Ella Islao

These are only few of the many comments during the Facebook Live. This is a proof that Filipinos are really aware of this type of problem of OFWs. 

The issue will be resolved in a case-to-case basis though. There are some cases wherein you can still talk to your partner to reconcile. However, some cases really end up with a broken family because both already gave up on their relationship. Nevertheless, before making any decision, try to talk out the issue first and think of what will be the best for your family.

How about you? If you were working abroad and discovered your partner was cheating on you, what exactly would you do?

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