What Happened to Nikki Gil After She Got Married? Her Photos Will Surprise You!


Long-time celebrity Nikki Gil has had her ups and downs during her time in the showbiz industry. 

If you’re one of her fans, then you’ll surely know how difficult it was for her when she broke up with her boyfriend Billy Crawford over rumors that he was dating It’s Showtime co-host Coleen Garcia. 

After the issue, Nikki Gil slowly faded away from the limelight. One day, however, she announced her engagement with non-celebrity boyfriend and businessman BJ Albert. The news came as a surprise to everyone especially because she just recently came out of a relationship. 

The couple tied the knot in November 2015. This was when Nikki Gil finalized her decision to leave the afternoon show ASAP on ABS-CBN once and for all. 

Shortly after they got hitched, Nikki and BJ went to Maldives for their honeymoon. 

Judging from the pictures they took, it seems as though Nikki finally found true happiness. 

Her businessman husband is very supportive of what she wants to do, which is traveling. Luckily, BJ is also a travel junkie like Nikki.


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