This Guy Kicks This Man Who Portrait As 'Jesus' In Senakulo But What Happens Next Is What He Really Deserved! Watch This!


Holy Week in the Philippines is highly anticipated yearly. Because of our mostly catholic upbringing, we spend time preparing for the events that would take place during the week-long observation of the religious holidays. 

Some events that take place include daily mass, procession, and “senakulo” wherein people repent by re-enacting Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection.

However, some people seem to have no respect for the traditions.

Four men went viral on Facebook last April 10 because of what they did to a person participating in the Senakulo.

In the video, the man who was portraying Jesus walking in pain to his place of crucifixion, was shown with four men walking behind him. The four men, who were wearing shorts and t-shirts, were following the man portraying Jesus Christ and were seemingly up to no good.

True enough, the four guys started to kick the helpless man. One by one, they lined up to each get a chance to kick the old man.

When it was time for the last person to kick, he suddenly slipped and fell bottom first, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

It seems as though by divine will, the man received instant karma for what he was about to do to the religious man who just wanted to experience the pain that Christ felt when he was about to be crucified.

Watch the video here:

This is why we should always think frst before we act for we don’t know when karma will strike back. 

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Source: TNP, Facebook

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