Watch: This Man Shouted at His Daughter Until She Cried Just Because of Eating so Much Food!


There are a lot of videos on Facebook about cute little chubby kids that will really make you smile or laugh. Kids really never fail to make the adults smile from ear to ear and their cuteness is really irresistible. However, not all of these shows smiling or laughing kids.

Another video of a kid went viral on Facebook recently. Facebook user Isha Borromeo uploaded a photo of a cute little kid who cried because of her father. At first, we see that the father was teasing his daughter saying “lahat na lang kakainin mo?”

The daughter turned her back from her father and seemed to stop herself from crying. Her father continued scolding her.

“Itinapon mo lahat? Lalaban ka na, lalaban ka na? Iniirap irapan mo ko?” the father asked his daughter in an angry voice. The video showed that the kid was really about to cy because of her dad. 

When her father joked, and said “umiyak ka na,” the kid could no longer help but cry. She ran to a boy and hugged him, as if asking for an ally.  People around them laughed, even the father who told his daughter he was only joking and gave her food.


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