WATCH: Russian Parachute Bombs Wreck A Syrian Village Leaving Children Covered in Blood


Aside from the civil war that has been going on for almost a decade in Syria, one of their worst problems is the intervention of foreign governments in the region.

It is no longer a confidential fact that the United States and Russia are just two of the countries which lay hands on the military matters in Syria. They aim to eliminate the rebel and terrorist groups in the land which they believe destroy the country. The war between the Syrian government and the people who wanted to overthrow it is worsened by the military factors contributed by foreign nations. The Syrian conflict was even tagged as the deadliest war that has occurred in the 21st century

Of all the damages that this conflict has brought, the worst would be the civilian casualties. Millions of Syrians were already displaced from their original living areas in the country. While some of them were successful in running away from the wrecked land, some people are unfortunate to have lost their lives in the war. Civilians who are not involved in the use of firearms and military forces are the usual collateral damage. It is also a heartbreaking fact that even children of all ages are the innocent victims of this conflict.

This video which surfaced the internet show how Russian parachute bombs allegedly destroy a village in Syria. It showed how the foreign force left debris and deaths in the area. Children were covered in blood and debris. The whole village seemed to be a sand castle that just went down in one blow.

According to Daily Mail, the Russian government uses parachute bombs to destroy the underground fortress of the rebel groups in Syria. They have been using the same equipment in sustained attacks on Syrian strongholds

How do you think the armed conflict in Syria should be properly addressed? Do you think that there is really a need for foreign countries to intervene in the situation? You may discuss your points in the comments section below.

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