WATCH: Pinay Mother Of A Slain Abu Sayyaf Member Mourns After Seeing Her Son's Dead Body!


A video of Maria Norma Melloria, mother of a former member of the Abu Sayyaf Group, painfully mourning for her dead son went viral in social media. She was seen grief-stricken at the sight of his lifeless body in the morgue of a funeral home in Clarin, Bohol.

Joselito Melloria was a Boholano Abu Sayyaf member who was slain on Saturday, April 22 during a gun battle between ASG and government forces in Barangay Bacani. 

Along with Joselito, four ASG members and their leader Abu Rami also lost their lives in the clash. 

The incident happened in a forested place located in Clarin town where the said bandits escaped to after fleeing the fight in Inabanga, Clarin's neighboring town, last April 11.
Source; Inquirer

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