UNBELIEVABLE! This Couple Was Caught Doing This S*Xual Thing While They Were Live Streaming on Facebook! See It Here!


When you’re a couple, you couldn’t help but be with each other constantly and as such, try to do things together like livestream on Facebook. It’s not the wisest act out there, particularly if you are both touchy and “naughty,” so to speak.

Many scandals have been committed by couples simply because they have chosen to upload a risky or incriminating pictures of themselves clad in nothing but their underwear or worse, none at all.  

Because of the continuous update of social media platforms (like Facebook), our desire to express ourselves begins to grow at such a rate that could be considered dangerous for our own sake.  

Case in point: Have you heard stories of couples splitting up because of a scandalous picture, or that one of them has sent a “nude picture” of their partner to an unsuspecting someone?  

This is an example of what social media can do to damage not just the relationship of the couple, but also the individual’s reputation towards his peers and professional acquaintances.  

The act of sending nude pictures or selfies to one’s significant other is risky because it could be used against the one sending it, particularly for blackmailing.  

However, there is another thing more dangerous than this—taking a video of each other and then uploading it on social media. Nothing’s bad about it but what if it borders on being scandalous?  

Such as this couple who were caught doing something s*xual while they were livestreaming together on Facebook.  

The video was uploaded by YouTube user ‘ralphjerald vergara’ and it featured two couple on the bed. The guy was shirtless, while the girl was wearing a camisole.  

WARNING: Some scenes may contain themes not suitable for minor readers. Viewer discretion is highly advised. 


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