Unbelievable: Strange 'Unicorn Cloud' Has Been Seen In Pagadian City, Philippines!


Residents of Pagadian City were treated to an amazing light show when these fantastic rainbow lights shone brightly over the afternoon sky. 

Netizen Anne Elle Salikala shared her trending ‘unicorn’ post with two photos and a video on Facebook

Strange 'Unicorn Sky' Seen In Pagadian City, Philippines! Unbelievable!

While these clouds look magical - there’s actually a scientific explanation for this phenomenon.  

These rainbow colored clouds are called iridescent clouds.  

Iridescent clouds appear when very tiny ice crystals or water droplets linger around other clouds in the sky. Light from the sun is diffracted or spread out across these droplets causing a rainbow-like effect to appear around the clouds. 

Strange 'Unicorn Sky' Seen In Pagadian City, Philippines! Unbelievable!

Here’s the video of the same cloud over Pagadian City! 

Ms. Salikala’s video has received over 1.3 million views, 6.2K reactions and 1K shares as of writing. 

The world is such a wonderful place – full of mysteries and beauty!  

What did you think dear readers? Did you enjoy those amazing lights?  

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