This Girl And Her Sister Almost Got Kidnapped By An Uber Driver! What Happened Will Surely Terrify You!


“Nakadali nanaman ako ng first prize”

“jackpot nanaman”

“…Tamang alipin”

Those are things that you definitely would NOT want to hear your Uber driver say while driving you to your destination. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of people who rely on UBER for a hassle-free and safe ride, but are you really safe?

In this post that’s going viral by the second, Mary Nel Sagalongos shared details about her UBER ride that would make your hairs stand up in fear. One thing’s for sure, the word “sketchy” is definitely an understatement for this one.

Going from SM Aura to Eastwood with her sister, they booked a ride with an Uber driver named Antonio Amoranto.

This story is chuck full of thrill and suspense! 

It had a driver who cursed a lot, two beautiful ladies, a Waze route left unfollowed, sketchy alleys, and an EVEN SKETCHIER PHONECALL! All that was missing was a white van (it was a black Avanza instead), and you've got yourself a crime in the making!

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