Truth Untold: Thousands Of Believers Worship This Baby Born With The Stigmata Of Jesus Christ!


Devout Catholics believe that one day, Christ will come back to save us all. Despite ascending to heaven after dying on the cross, he promised that soon, he will return on earth for the final judgment.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ suffered a lot in order to save mankind. He was falsely accused, imprisoned, and condemned to be crucified until he dies. 
His injuries from the crucifixion are hard to forget especially if it mysteriously manifests itself on humans. The appearance of these wounds on people is called “stigmata” and people who have received it are now canonized as saints.

The most famous one would have to be the stigmata that Padre Pio experienced. He basically bore the stigmata throughout his life. Not only did he receive the wounds that Jesus Christ had but he also felt the pain that Christ experienced.

Currently though, Jejomar Castillo, a baby in Quezon City allegedly have these marks from the moment he was born.

The child, who was born on March 15, 2017 and weighed 3.2 kilograms bore the strange markings on both of his hands and on his forehead where Christ’s wounds from the crown of thorns was supposed to be.

According to one of the country’s top microbiological experts, Ph.D. Merlyn Cruz, Jejomar has a very rare skin condition. 
“The baby boy suffers a very rare syndrome causing localized purpura, which is characterized by red or purple discolorations on the skin,” she said.
“I have to admit that this is an amazing case”, “Only a handful of similar cases have been recorded throughout history, and it’s the first time on a baby, so the scientific knowledge accumulated about his pathology is very scarce. We are doing a series of tests to determine what these sores actually are and what is causing them to appear, but we have found nothing yet,” she added.

Rumors of the alleged “miraculous baby” spread like wildfire throughout the country which made followers flock outside the baby’s room and even around the hospital.

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