Beautiful Lady Immediately Traveled 3,000km To Marry Man With Severe Disability After Meeting Him Online!


Love is always more powerful than any other thing in this world.

This has been the case of Grigory Prutov from Vladivostok, Russia. He was born normal but as he aged, his spine started to deteriorate completely. This has disabled his ability to walk, causing him to be bound in a wheelchair for all his life. He was then diagnosed with muscular atrophy. This is the condition where a person’s muscles waste away. His doctor told his parents that he only has 4-5 years to survive. However, Grigory proved that he may be physically challenged but his heart is indeed that of a warrior's. He was able to fight long enough to reach adulthood. But because of his condition, he was convinced that he will not be able to find romantic love, one that will be willing to accept his situation. He expressed his loneliness in a Facebook post he published in his account.

“I can’t experience the world in all its beauty. It hurts to think about all the things that I can never have…

I can’t experience the world in all its beauty. I can’t swim in a river or in the ocean. I can’t run around in the grass without pain. I can’t help my friends carry things…I can’t take care of the people I love. I can’t make them happy.

…and I’ll never know what it’s like to be loved, how it feels when someone wants you, when someone is jealous or proud to introduce you. I’ll never know what it’s like to hug someone I love, to protect her, to dance with her, to give her flowers or make her a gift”

The post reached so far up in the depths of social media that a girl living in Kazakhstan read his Facebook post. A woman named Anna Stelmakhovich who was living 3,000 kilometers away from him. Grigory’s post touched her heart and so she messaged him right away. When they started talking, they eventually felt something special between them. Grigory was never ashamed of his disability and Anna accepted it with no regrets.  She then decided to fly from Kazakhstan to Russia to meet Grigory. 

When they finally saw each other in person, they fell in love deeper. They made people wonder how she felt that genuine love given Grigory’s disability. Anna proved that it is indeed true love and nothing more. They got married and promised each other forever happiness. They did not think of what other people are thinking about them. All they know is the fact that they accepted each other in the name of love.

Watch their full story below.

Do you think that true love really exist between this couple? What can you say about Anna’s genuineness? Share your opinions in the comments section below.
Source: Buzzflare

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