TRENDING: Girl Used This Enormous 'Kamoteng Kahoy' To Pleasure Herself. What Happened Next Was Shocking!


Well, it is true that there are some women (or maybe even men), who uses the traditionally constructed dildos; there are some who uses cucumbers to “release” their stress. After all, why would you panic when it's organic right? 

But what if cucumbers just don’t cut it anymore? 

In a post that’s going viral on social media, one woman allegedly tried to go beyond when she tried… and failed… to pleasure herself with a cassava. Also known as “kamoteng kahoy”, her search for wood ended up in catastrophe as her vagina closed down on her. 

Here’s what that looks like so you can use your imagination:  

Basically, it’s the birth child of a demon cucumber and a tree.  

Btw, she even used a condom, not that it helped. 

But, hey! A for effort!  

Here’s the full text:  

Babae pinagsamantalahan ang kamoteng kahoy, nadisgrasya! Ayon sa report, di raw nakontento si ate sa pepino kaya naghanap ito ng kamoteng kahoy na di habas na mas malaki. Dahil sa sobrang laki di na nahugot ni ate ang kamoteng kahoy sa kanyang pwerta kaya humingi na sya ng tulong sa bahay pagamutan. 
Safety first pa si ate kasi ginamitan nya ng condom para iwas kati.. kaya lang bigla syang nag vaginismus o nag lock ang kanyang lagusan at di na mahugot ang kamoteng kahoy sa loob ng kanyang pagkababae. 
Abot langit na sana ang kanyang ligaya kaya lang deretsong impyerno ang dinanas nya. 


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