TRENDING: Footage Of These Cute Little Baby Dragons Goes Viral Online!


We all grew up believing in fantasies we see in animated films and books and stories told by elders—dungeons of dragons, princes rescuing princesses, mighty warriors triumphing wars, fairies, mermaids, even Santa Claus until we became older. We realized that these are just tools to boost our imagination and creativity, as told by our parents.

Nonetheless, evidence about the existence of any of these from different parts of the world have been found but weren’t much given attention by the media. For example, these mermaids. They may not look beautiful like the ones we see in Disney, but it can be hard evidence that different creatures other than humans, animals and natural beings do exist.

Another testimony from Thailand is footage of a newly hatched baby dragon. It resembles a real dragon, the ones we see in Chinatown and movies. Take a look at the clip below.


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