This Toy That's Looks Like A Female's Part Is Going Viral And You Won't Believe How People Are Using It! Watch This!


The internet has done it again. Netizens found something that you may or may not want to buy depending on your preferences.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you — Stress Boobs!

It's pink, round, and has something that looks an awful lot like a nipple. 

 Netizens Found Out About This Amazing Toy That Looks An Awful Lot Like Boobs!

Why settle for a regular, boring, old stress ball when you can have something that has an actual NIPPLE? Who wouldn’t want to buy one (or two) of these.

Facebook user ‘BigRob Guerrero’ has a winning pitch for anyone who would want to indulge in these lovely stress-relievers!

This pitch definitely has us hooked. We're so into it we did our own research regarding its cost and where to buy it.

Behold! Just as expected, it doesn’t come cheap at $3.21 or 160 pesos, even in its discounted form. That’s what you get when you have a valuable product with a lot of demand.

In fact, there are already requests for similar products with a mature likeliness.

Some netizens have already started sharing what they would use them for. Surprisingly, they aren't just for males, women want them too! 


However, Vanessa Donaho-Bouchez had something to say:

Anywhere you look, there will always be trailblazers and pioneers. Just like these two geniuses who managed to gain early access to this valuable commodity before anyone of us have even heard about it.

And yet, now it’s being sold for $3.21

Here’s a bonus — a VIDEO DEMONSTRATION of a LUCKY INDIVIDUAL who managed to get his hands on this REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT!

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Let’s see what everyone else thought about it.

And finally, from our own kababayan:

 Netizens Found Out About This Amazing Toy That Looks An Awful Lot Like Boobs!

Clearly not everyone can appreciate performance art.

How about you? Are you excited about this product? What do you mean it’s f—ed up? Explain yourself in the comments section below!
SourceTNP, Facebook

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