This Teenage Boy Fools People Into Thinking He Has Cancer So That They Will Give Him Money For Chemo! SHOCKING!


On April 13, netizen Pau Vislenio met Edward Pangilinan, a 14-year old boy who claims that he has cancer, at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish. 

Pau was told by the teenage boy that he needed P100,000 for chemotherapy. He claims he already has P92,000 and only needs P8,000 to start treatment. He sells kamote in order to make up the missing amount.

According to Edward, P70,000 of his money came from his sponsorship under singer-host-actor Billy Crawford. P20,000 was from his uncle who helped him, and the rest is from selling kamote.

Pau and her friend Annsheerina became curious so they probed Edward about his condition. He mentioned that gets his medication from the Philippine Orthopedic Center in Banawe and his doctor’s name is Dr. Christian S. Potor. He also claimed that Billy Crawford gave him an iPhone 6 which he pawned to get more money for chemo.

Despite being suspicious, Pau still helped Lawrence sell his kamote. While she was with Lawrence, she was relaying her experience to her mom. When Pau got home, her mom told her that there is no Dr. Christian S. Potor working at the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. She called the hospital to confirm the details of Lawrence's story. She also discovered that they do not have a cancer patient named Edward Pangilinan. 


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