Jelai Andres Warns The Public Of The Man Who Did THIS To Her! Must Watch!


Women are often harassed by men. Some guys seem to to prove how manly they are, they decide to verbally harass women in public places. There’s the usual catcalling which is quite annoying and disrespectful or even worse, physical assault.

This is a common scene these days and a lot of videos showing men sexually assaulting women have circulated the internet time and again.

Model and celebrity Jelai Andres demonstrated how easy it is for women to get sexually harassed by strangers.

She uploaded a video of her during a boat ride in Olongapo. In the video, a guy was seen thrusting his pelvis behind her.

As the boat moved across the ocean, the guy behind her kept on thrusting harder and harder which eventually annoyed her.

However, the guy in the said video turns out to be her boyfriend, Jon Gutierrez.
Jelai captioned the video saying:

Kanina habang buma biyahe ako patungong Olongapo may nakasabay akong napaka walang modong manong. Pumwesto siya sa likod ko hindi naman puno ang speed boat, hindi naman pumepreno pero sige ang kaskas at kadyot sa likod ko na hindi ko mawari mukhang nagtutulog tulugan pa hindi lang nakunan sa video. Kung kilala niyo po si manong jotdog paki tag nalang po para matuto.
DISCLAIMER: Joke lang po ito mga idol! BOYFRIEND kopo yan. Wag nyo po seryosohin lab yu
The couple is notorious for playing jokes on each other through their videos. Though the footage was just an inside joke between her and her beau, girls can learn a thing or two from it: be vigilant in public places especially in public transportation.
But of course, the real purpose of the video is to entertain their followers, especially those who are in a relationship with their funny boyfriends.

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