This Man Laughed Way Too Hard When He Saw What Was Playing on the Television Screen in This KFC Joint. Watch the Hilarious Video Here!


Accidents can happen when you’re logged on the internet. Because our technology is so advanced these days, you can connect through multiple devices all at the same time. 

As awesome as this may sound, there are a few disadvantages to it. 

Take for example this KFC restaurant in the US. Now, KFC is known to be a family friendly place where parents take their kids to eat their delicious and famous chicken. In fact, a lot of restaurants serve the same purpose. By experience, almost all restaurants you should have eaten in must at least had a few kids eating with their family. 

Unfortunately for this KFC in question, their “family friendly” title suddenly became rated Parental Guidance. 

One guy was eating there with some if his friends when he suddenly stopped and turned to the TV screen in the establishment. He thought he heard something strange so he decided to look at it. 

It turns out he was right with what he heard. Upon turning his attention to the TV screen which was mounted high on the wall, he saw p*rn playing on the display instead of the usual KFC commercials!

Now, instead of alerting the KFC crew of the incident, the man decided to pull out his phone and record the entire thing. 

He seemed to find humor in the situation as he ate while hearing the loud moans of the p*rn cast. You can even see the disgusted look on his companion’s face.

Luckily, there weren’t a lot of people around to witness the blooper. 

Whoever was behind the p*rn sure made everyone’s day. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again. 

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Source: TNP, Unilad

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