This Man Attempted To Steal These Birds. He Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine After Getting Caught Red-Handed!


A man attempted to steal a cage of birds but a passerby caught him and immediately reported it to the owner. The incident was caught on CCTV.

In the beginning of the video, the culprit slowly parked his motorcycle in front of the victim's house. A few seconds later, he can be seen suspiciously checking out his surroundings. It did not take long before he stood up and reach for the cage hanging from the roof.

Fortunately, a passerby pulled over after he caught the thief in the act. To prevent the thief from speeding off and escaping the scene, he took his keys and told the owners about the attempt. A woman in pink shirt came out and told the culprit off.  A man, also the house owner, appeared on the scene and started to beat up the thief until he was dragged on the side of the road from his motorbike.

The video file was uploaded on Facebook page NowReader and has now reaped over 1900 reactions and 2000 shares from netizens. Some commenters were also impressed with the passerby’s smart move of taking the culprit’s keys. Also, they said the thief deserved what happened to him.

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Source: Facebook

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