This Malaysian Girl Proves Why Women Should Never Stop Their Boyfriends From Gaming!


Men and women often differ in interests. Oftentimes, what women like, men don't. 

In order for a relationship between opposites to work, a compromised must be made. Arguments due to conflicting interests are inevitable. But that is no reason for a relationship to fail.

A lot of women nowadays usually complain about their boyfriends being too occupied with videogames. These girls just can't seem to understand what boys see in those games that can take up so much of their time.

However, one girl stood apart from the rest. 

Jolin Ong released a powerful statement through a Facebook post regarding her fellow women that stop their partners from playing videogames.

According to her post:

Recently, I noticed many girls complaining about their boyfriends playing games and ignoring them. Some cases even end in a break up. 

I would like to tell you that once upon a time, I too did not like a boyfriend who was addicted to games, especially when he is with his girlfriend. She admits how she also used to complain a lot which eventually leads to fighting, and then only causing both parties to be unhappy. 

Until one day, I decided to just let him play. Not more than half an hour later he joyfully told me he won the game. 

And that was when I realised I should give him some space. When he is happy, naturally he will make you happy too.”

Unknowingly, I too became interested in it and ended up downloading the game. 

Now, when I want my boyfriend to go anywhere with me, to watch those movies he finds boring, or to go shopping, he will not complain and will not argue. 

But if you are just not interested in gaming, then you can at least quietly accompany him as he plays. Do not complain and there will be no quarreling. 

Also, it is just a game and not a mistress. Your boyfriend will not run away with the game, so what are you all tripping about?

Sometimes, we compromise for the people we love. This means that we have to accept their interests in order to maintain a harmonious relationship with them. 

How about you? Do you also have a gamer for a boyfriend? Share your story below!
Source: TNP worldofbuzz

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