This Is The Fastest Cow In The Whole World! Nobody Thought That It Could Run This Fast!


People believe that bigger animals tend to move slower because of their size. To be clear, it is not the speed of their movement which actually affects their velocity but rather it is the muscle fibers which should be considered. These animals have more complicated muscles which requires more strength and effort to create motion. This is the reason why most big animals are not able to move quickly.

Because of this, it is quite shocking to see a cow running at a whopping speed of 45-50 kmph. This viral video below just showed how amazing it is for this cow to run at a very fast rate. Who would have thought that an animal which typically runs at a speed of 20kmph would be able to run twice this speed? If you can’t believe it, might as well check out this video below:

While many netizens were amazed by this extraordinary cow, others tend to be more critical. They are questioning the practice of making the poor animal run at an unusual speed and on an asphalt road. 

Cows’ hooves are made to run on grassy fields and not on cement. In addition, some netizens notice that the animal was sort of afraid while running. Something must be scaring the animal that it is why it was able to run so fast. 

Netizens are speculating that the men in the video were forcing the cow to run while carrying a good heavy load. For the social media users who were offended by the video, they deemed this practice as a form of animal cruelty and abuse. They are all asking for appropriate authorities to conduct some investigations regarding the matter.

Do you think that this practice shall be considered a form of animal cruelty? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Source: Facebook

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