This Guy Loves A Single Mother With 2 Children And His Strong Message For Everyone Is A Must Read!


“Hindi mo kailangang maging kadugo ang bata para lang magkaroon ng paninindigan”  

These are the strong words Facebook user Kimark used to encourage his online audience to express their love and devotion to their single-mother partners. Kimark’s viral Facebook message was rooted from his own experience of falling in love with a woman who has two children fathered by somebody else. 

Kimark’s Facebook post which hit 16,000 reactions and more than 7,000 shares captured the hearts of many netizens because of his strong advocacy. He did not just love his partner Angel, but he also gave his whole heart to Angel’s two children. 

According to Kimark, there is nothing wrong if he and the children are not related by blood. What is important is the fact that his love for them is entirely genuine and selfless. He asked the online community to be proud of the single-mothers as they manage to single -handedly take care of their family. 

Moreover, he explained that these children are part of the woman he loves. Because of this, they should be included in his acceptance.


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