This Girl's Post About How She Earns Easy Money Goes Viral And You Will Not Believe How She's Doing It!


Facebook netizens are giving mixed reactions about this girl named Gheng Montañez who proudly shares how she earns a lot of cash through her shocking job! 

Gheng posted four photos of her holding a pile of 1 thousand bills and posing pridefully. She explained in her caption that she got this amount of money by getting laid. Yes, you read it right. Gheng sounded like a proud prostitute.  

In this country, Gheng's work is still not really empowered out in the open. Most girls doing it are usually ashamed or secretive of their jobs because it can be an embarrassment in the eyes of the society. 

Her post gained 2.6 thousand reactions and 1,508 shares. Social media users are filling in the comments section with their opinions regarding Gheng's occupation. 

Some of them wrote negative comment and discouraged Gheng to continue with her ‘occupation’.  

However, the majority believe that her account was just hacked by someone and did this to make fun of her. There are some who claim that they're Gheng's friends and that she is already in so much trouble after the post went out, and said her parents are already tracing whoever is responsible for this post. 

Gheng's account has 6,872 followers. According to people on her side, she is not the type of girl who would do that for a living and her previous posts are not parallel with the viral post. 


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