This Girl Made the 4 Judges Turn with Her Extravagant Performance but Watch How Coach Leah Salonga Cried Because of Her!


The Voice Teens has been airing for 2 weeks in a row now and a lot of talented teens have showcased their amazing voices.  The teens exhibited different genres of music. However, there is this one audition that captured our attention. 

Mica Becerro, a teen from Surigao, sang like no other teens. She sang as if she went to a professional music conservatory. She sang Queen of the Night (Magic Flute) during the blind auditions. All four judges turned around and struggled just to get the young girl in their respective group. 

For Mica, she wanted to exhibit something new to the public despite her fear of not being understood. When she needed to choose a coach, she chose Coach Leah. Before that, coach Leah Salonga cried and told her own story and struggle with her voice.  

During the time she was doing Miss Saigon, her voice started to fail. What made her really worried was that her voice was her life. The great thing was the producers of the famous Broadway show were too kind and sent her to one of the best music conservatory teachers and voice coaches. The voice coach helped her recover her singing voice. Also, instead of doing 7-day-a-week shows, the Miss Saigon ran for only 5 days a week, which still was not easy. 

This story convinced Mica to choose the Broadway Diva to be her coach on the voice. Do you agree that she chose the perfect coach for her? 

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Source: Youtube

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