This Girl Kept on Hitting Her Boyfriend in Public Until Finally, She Got What She Deserves. Watch How Instantly She Got Her Karma!


No matter what relationship you are in, whether you are just starting out or are in a long-term relationship, your bond with your partner should be built on not just love but also respect for each other. That respect is what makes any relationship strong as it makes the time you spend together as harmonious as possible.

However, if you don’t respect each other, then your relationship is doomed to crumble into pieces. The same thing applies for relationships where only one partner respects the other. Eventually, the relationship will fail and you’d have to go your separate ways or you could choose to be miserable with each other’s company.

A video went viral on social media showing the exact kind of partnership any person wouldn’t want to be in. 

Most commonly, men are the ones hitting their female partners. However, in this video, the opposite seems to be the case. 

The video shows a woman with a red haired guy with a huge body, whom we could only assume is her boyfriend or husband.

Suddenly, the woman started attacking the guy by throwing punches at him, slapping him, and eventually kicking him on his hips. 

You would think that the guy would hit her back but instead, he only kissed and hugged the girl tightly, hoping to console her. 

Still, the hugs and kisses she received had no effect on her as she continued to physically assault her partner. 

Suddenly, they both paused and appeared to talk things through. What happened next surprised everyone as the guy finally had enough and decided to hit the girl as well. 

The woman fell on the ground due to the harsh blow she received from the man. 

A female bystander was caught on film trying to stop the guy from hitting the girl. 

Here is the video of the entire incident:

Who do you think is wrong in this situation— the guy or the girl? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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