This Disabled Woman Proved that No Dream Is Impossible to Achieve. With the Help of Her Loved Ones, She Persevered and Graduated!


Most people think that disabilities get in the way of a person’s way of living. Unknown to them is the fact that people with disabilities are just as good, sometimes even better, as people in perfectly good condition.

A handicapped Filipina proved that she can be just as good as everyone else when she graduated with honors in her college.

Dianne Salazar is a mother of two kids who owns her own pastry business. Aside from juggling household chores, her business, and school work, Dianne also struggled to get her degree due to the fact that she is deaf. However. her perseverance in studying earned her high grades and led her to become the program’s top student. She graduated as the valedictorian of Miriam College’s Technical and Vocational Program in Bread and Pastry Production

According to an interview with Dianne, she said that she is very happy and thankful to God for his plans for her. 

Her daughter, Maisie Salazar, told reporters that she is very happy and proud of her mother as well due to her achievements in life. Aside from being a smart student, Dianne is able to take care of not just herself but also her family. 

Dianne’s husband Marc Jason Salazar said that he is also very proud of his wife.

Dianne admitted that despite achieving her goals, she felt as if she won’t be able to fulfill her duties properly at first. As a mother, she was always worried about her husband and children whenever she was in school. 

Dianne’s parents revealed that she wasn’t born deaf. Her disability was brought about by an allergic reaction from the medication she took for amoebiasis when she was only one week old. 

Her mother said that the secret to Dianne’s success is the way she was brought up. She said in an interview that they never treated Dianne as a special child. 

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