This Chinese Girl Shamelessly Changes Clothes Inside A Train And Everyone Was Shocked Of What She Did! Watch This!


There are people that are just unpredictable. Yes. It's like they are enjoying their lives in their own worlds. They would like to express themselves although most people don’t understand what they are up to.

Such is the case of this pretty woman who just decided to do something unexpected inside a moving train. People inside the same car were left in shock as nobody had seen it coming. 

According to Kicker Daily News, the shocking video was filmed on the Shanghai Metro in China. The beautiful woman suddenly took her clothes off and changed what she was wearing. 

She did it shamelessly and mindlessly as if she was in her own room. She didn’t even pay any attention to the people around her as if she is really used to changing her clothes in public. Once the scarf was wrapped around her neck, she acted as if nothing happened. One passenger even asked for a selfie and without any hesitation, she smiled gladly at the camera

Watch the video here and prepare to be shocked. 

Just as like any viral video, this particular one garnered the attention of many netizens who also expressed different reactions regarding the issue. Some of them are saying that this pretty woman lacks decency for changing her clothes in public. 

Others are thinking that she just wanted some attention. In addition, other online users were disappointed as they think that she does not know how to respect other people. 

Meanwhile, there are some online users who accused the video as something scripted. They claimed that they just filmed the footage for them to be the topic of online discussions. 

Do you think the girl really lacks respect or is the video fabricated? Maybe it’s an exercise in efficiency.  What would you do if you saw someone changing on the train?

Share your opinions in the comments section below. 
Source: Kickerdaily

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