This Cardiologist Doesn't Prescribe To the Usual Heart Treatment! Find Out Why Here!


This is Dr. Cris C. Enriquez, a doctor who had a history of clogged arteries himself. However, contrary to most medical professionals, he does not prescribe the usual treatment of taking maintenance drugs and undergoing bypass surgery.

Eschewing Western medicine in favor of an alternative, he eventually discovered “Chelation” when he studied in Palm Springs.

Dr. Enriquez states that chelation is an alternative cure for heart disease that was popularized in the 1950s. It works by removing toxic materials from the body. He claims that it can prevent or even reverse degenerative diseases.

How does it work? Well here’s how he explained it!

“By infusing vitamins, minerals and a synthetic amino acid called EDTA into the body, circulation is restored and arteries made more pliable. In the case of coronary artery disease, chelation would remove plaque from the arteries and make the blood wall more elastic. Otherwise, untreated cholesterol and calcium would end up clogging the vessels and depriving the tissues of nutrients. When clogging happens in the heart, it’s called a heart attack. If it happens in the brain, it’s a stroke; in the kidneys, that’s high blood pressure and/or renal failure.”

“I am now 75 and still feel energetic, and have moved to the Philippines my practice in longevity and lifestyle medicine — which I supplement with my formal training as a cardiologist.”, the doctor added.

Of course, just like any responsible doctor, he gave a disclaimer by reminding people that he still prescribes traditional medicine and surgery when necessary. His methods are just a less invasive alternative.

This Cardiologist Doesn't Prescribe To the Usual Heart Treatment! Find Out Why Here!

Lastly, he pointed out that lifestyle habits determine how healthy a patient is and his methods typically push people into living a healthier life.

What do you think about this doctor’s unusual methods? Tell us below!

SourceTNP, Inquirer

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