This Boy Fries An Egg Under Manila's Intense Summer Heat. See How This Boy Does It Here!


Summertime in the Philippines is one of the hottest in the entire world. Due to our geographic location, which is near the equator, our country is considered as one of the places with the highest temperature all year round. 

The official start of the summer season in the Philippines begins around April and ends indefinitely throughout the year. 

This year though, the country has experienced one of its hottest summers reaching temperatures of up to at least 40°C to 42°C. The sweltering summer heat has sent some people to the hospital due to possible heat stroke while some have fled to the beaches to cool themselves down.

If you think the heat all over the Philippines is already bad, then wait til you go to Manila. Aside from the heat of the sun, vehicles coming from different parts of the city also contribute to the amount of heat.

An unnamed Twitter user even documented the city heat in order to give everyone a visual representation of how hot it has been lately. 

Instead of using a good’ol thermometer to measure the temperature, he instead used an egg and fried it, not on the stove, but out in the streets under at noon. He only used solar energy to fry up the egg into a crisp meal. 

His caption reads: “ganito ka init sa pinas”

This Boy Fries An Egg Under Manila's Intense Summer Heat. See How This Boy Does It Here!

According to an interview conducted by When In Manila, the Twitter user said “It was just an idea that popped out because it was just really hot and I kept thinking that I was being cooked alive and that’s when I came with an idea to try and see if I could actually cook an egg under the sun.”

It turns out he was successful. However, let us use this hilarious feat to remind ourselves of the risks that this intense heat could give us. 

Always remember to keep yourselves cool by drinking plenty of water and staying away from the direct heat of the sun. 

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Source: TNP , WhenInManila

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