This 8-Year-Old Drove His Parents' Van to McDonald's To Buy Food for His 4-Year-Old Sister!


This 8-year-old with the munchies for cheeseburgers gave the officers of East Palestine, Ohio one heck of a story when he took his sister to the Golden Arches.

We’re not talking about grabbing a taxi or booking an Uber. This boy drove his parents' van a mile and a half through town to get to McDonald's! 

He said that he learned how to drive from videos he watched on YouTube.

Now, there ARE plenty of people who learn stuff from YouTube every day, but this definitely takes the cake (or rather, the cheeseburger.)

That’s not all! The kid drove safely and did not crash, obeyed traffic rules, and made it through 4 intersections before he was caught when he talked to the drive-thru microphone.

Watch the full report here: 

Patrolman Jake Kohler said, “Honest to God… I’ve only been a patrolman or a police officer for 2 years but I don’t think I’ll ever see anything like this for the rest of my career.”

The kids got their cheeseburgers, fries, and nuggets before the officer took them to the police station to wait for their parents. Luckily for the 8-year-old, no charges were filed.

Netizens were "lovin' it" and shared their thoughts on the unexpected turn of events:

"Nakakatakot ...pero ang tapang mo kid. Pede ka na magkaron ng sariling kotse ... pabili ka sa tatay mo  ?? ?? ??"
- Joanna Santos 

"Ginalingan masyado mkkaen lng ng burger ??"
- Loisa Mimi Ekstra

"Samantalang ako kahit bike d marunong buti pa sya marunong mgdrive ng sasakyan  ?? ??"
- Mayen Llaneta Antones

And this one:

"What am I doing with my life  ??"
- Marianne So

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