These Men Got A Taste Of Their Own Medicine After The BF Of The Woman They Disrespected Did This To Them!


Most people claim that chivalry is dead. There might be a bit of truth to this judging by how men treat women with disrespect nowadays.

Before, men treated women as if they are precious things that need to be protected. Now, men jeer at women and almost everything they do. 

Females have to suffer getting catcalled while walking on the street which is why they always need something or someone to protect them from any harm.

However, there are still some guys who are willing to defend women especially if she plays a special role in his life. 

This guy went viral because he had enough of two men who played a trick on his girlfriend.

CCTV video shows two unknown men hanging out together in what appears to be a tunnel. Suddenly, a couple, who were minding their own business, passed them by. 

When the couple got far enough from where the two men were standing, one of them decided to throw a small object at the woman.

This bothered her so much which is why she decided to complain to her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend finally figured out what the two men did. This clearly angered him and he was prompted to get revenge for what they did to his girl.

Since he was about to fight solo, you’d expect him to lose from the two men. However, he threw a mean punch to one of the guys which made him fall flat on the ground. 
He then hit the other guy but failed to knock him out when his girlfriend stopped him mid-punch.
The lesson here is to never ever provoke anyone especially a guy with his girlfriend. 

Watch the video here:

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