The Largest Manhood In The Whole Wide World Belongs To This Mexican Man! You Need To See This To Believe It!


Many are led to believe that men with bigger genitals are more acceptable or more attractive than those who don’t. In fact, these bigger genitals are considered to be ‘assets’. However, what if you have the biggest p*nis in the world but because of this, you have no one with you and you live a lonely life? 

This may sound contradictory but this is what Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from Saltillo, Mexico is experiencing. He has the largest manhood in the world yet no one wants to share a bed with him and he is currently living alone. He cannot even work and pay his bills. 

This is because Cabrera’s abnormally big p*nis measures 18.9 inches long and weighs almost 2 lbs. It is so heavy that he cannot even walk properly because of it. He became a slow mover and cannot do things normally. We bet no woman would want to be penetrated by his gigantic manhood.

Cabrera’s situation is a lot worse than you think. The 52-year-old record holder cannot do anything because of his condition. He even has to scavenge for his own food. Although he has been suffering for years now, Cabrera still refuses to undergo surgery for his p*nis. This is because he insists that he is known around the world for having the largest manhood in the world.

He wanted to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records but doctors found out that 13 inches of his manhood are merely excess skin. This may be the result of his activities when he was still a teenager.

As an option, Cabrera expressed his desire to be a male porn star.


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