Terrifying Footage Of A White Lady Who Appeared In Front Of A Motorcycle Rider Goes Viral! Scary!


All cultures have their own spin concerning the supernatural. While mainstream sciences often debunk the existence of the supernatural, many stories concerning ghosts, apparitions, monsters, and demons have stood the test of time.

After all, such stories help make up the fabric of a nation’s culture and folklore. 

A commonly reported type of ghost in many countries - including the Philippines - is the popular ‘white lady.’ Often, these specters haunt the isolated roads of provinces at night, waiting to reveal themselves to lonely travelers. 

A spine-chilling video has gone viral all over social media, featuring an alleged sighting of a mysterious white lady

The video shows an empty street, presumably located in a rural area due to the trees in the background.  A few seconds later, a motorcyclist appears from the right side of the video.

For a brief moment, the specter of a woman in a long white gown with long black hair appears right in front of the motorcyclist. She then vanishes as quickly as she appeared. 

The rider appeared to be confused and parked his motorcycle close by. 

Suddenly, the white lady appeared once more and frightened the motorcyclist who ran in the other direction. He was so scared that he even left his vehicle behind.  

The viral footage has received over 1.1M views, 4K reactions, and around 21K shares as of this writing.

Watch the scary CCTV footage here!

It has yet to be verified if the CCTV footage has been doctored or edited in any way. 

Some netizens believe this to be proof of the supernatural, while others remain skeptical of the video. 

What about you, dear readers? Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you also have stories where you encountered something you couldn’t explain? 

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