Teenage Boy Was Surprised to See What his big Sister Gave him for His Birthday. Watch his Priceless Reaction Here!


People with siblings either hate them or love them and could sometimes even feel both. After all, what’s a family without a bit of sibling rivalry? 

However, there are siblings who live in peace. 

Facebook user Jenine Manulit Bernabe is an example of a big sister who lives in harmony with her younger brother. 

Jenine is already employed while her younger brother, Jolo, is still studying. Because Jolo has been a scholar ever since he was in elementary, Jenine decided that she wants to give her brother a reward he deserves. 

Jenine shared a video on her Facebook account showing the gift she gave to Jolo for his birthday.

In the video, you can see Jolo sitting down tinkering with his outdated old mobile phone. 

The person taking the video asked Jolo what he wanted for his birthday, to which he said he wanted a cellphone.

Everyone laughed at the idea of giving him a brand new phone due to how expensive it is. However, Jolo was in for a big surprise.


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