Sue Ramirez Accidentally Fall While Rehearsing For 'I Can Do That' With Gab Valenciano! Watch This!


Sue Ramirez falls on her butt after Gab Valenciano fails to catch her during their rehearsal for 'I Can Do That'.

Watch the video below:

Sue Ramirez is a Filipina actress known as 'Nicole Matias' from the 2011 TV drama 'Mula Sa Puso'. She has been on many shows after that one, such as Angelito: Batang Ama, Oka2kat, Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto, Pangako Sa'Yo, Dolce Amore, etc.

Now, Sue is a contestant on a show called 'I Can Do That', an ABS-CBN TV show which dares eight celebrities to master new skills and perform breathtaking live acts every week.

Gab Valenciano, the son of Mr. High Energy Gary Valenciano, is also a contestant in this show.

Sue and Gab Valenciano were partners in the Week 5 challenge for 'I Can Do That'. This video is a clip from when they were still practicing their routine. It appears that Gab Valenciano didn't land the flip properly and unintentionally failed to catch Sue. This caused Sue to fall on her butt and hurt herself.

In the video, it looks as if Sue was really hurt from the fall. But if you look close enough, you will see that she is actually laughing!

However, it was still a cause of concern for the worried followers of both celebrities.

Fortunately, it looks as if they mastered the routine in their final performance.

Watch the video below:

At 1:40, we can see that they have nailed the trick that they failed in. It seems as if they 'can really do that'!

This accident is reminiscent of the viral video of Enchong Dee and Kim Chiu, where Enchong Dee could not bring himself to lift the petite Kim Chiu. The difference was that Sue's accident happened in the rehearsals, and Kim's accident was on live broadcast!

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Source: TNP, Youtube

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