Strange Game Show In Japan Gives Their Contestants Free Hand Jobs From Beautiful Women While They're Singing Karaoke!


Aside from the beautiful cherry blossom trees, Japan is known as a country that is open in its s*x culture. Of all the countries in Asia, Japan is the only one which celebrates a festival dedicated to genitals. It is clear that Japan considers s*xual things as part of their identity. 

Let’s add another weird sexy thing on our list. Japan is also known for this particular game show which would really blow everybody's minds

Japanese entertainers developed a live TV game show which challenges men to finish a song while a beautiful girl gives them hand jobs. Yes! This may sound insane but the game show really exists! Men have to finish a chosen song before they shoot their load.

Although it may sound very weird to see a man receiving a hand job on LIVE broadcaster TV, the developers of this insane game show would not want their show to be considered as x-rated pornography. That is why they covered the hand of the beautiful lady while it is doing its business to the genitals of the male contestant. This is really weird, right?

Another thing that makes this singing competition weird is that you can actually see the reactions of the male contestants while they try to endure the sensations.

Watch some of them here:

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