Shocking! Giant Victorian S*x Toy Made for Wealthy Wife Goes To Auction!


S*x toys make love-making more interesting, so it has become a common gift among people in relationships today.

But who would have thought that people in the Victorian era would have the same idea? 

In County Meath, Ireland, a giant Victorian s*x toy is being sold at an auction. The s*x toy was carved from ivory. It is an antique previously owned by a rich Anglo- Irish family and was a present from a husband to his wife in 1840s. The item has a hidden reception where the wife can store her husband’s hair.

During the Victorian era, doctors used s*x toys to cure “hysterical” women.

The s*x toy is likely to be sold at around €500-€800 at Matthews auctioneers. This item's description is "antique, carved ivory ladies companion in scarlet lined leather upholstered carry box with inset bevelled glass panel."

“It is a beautiful piece, which comes from one of the well-known Anglo-Irish families,” Damien Matthews, auctioneer, said to The Irish Times. 

If given a chance, would you buy this s*x toy from the auction?
Source: dailymail

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