Shocking: Drug Addict Stole a Car and Almost Kidnapped a Girl! Watch What The Villagers Did When They Caught Him!


A Facebook post has gone viral showing an alleged kidnapping which almost succeeded if not for the efforts of a village community and their guard. 

Netizen Jessa Bron Naynes shared on her Facebook page two videos and a photo of a man captured on April 19, at around 12:30nn. The incident may have happened somewhere in Dasmariñas, Cavite as evident by the Facebook post details. 

According to Ms. Naynes, her friend’s car was stolen by an alleged drug addict who wasn’t a part of their village. Inside the car was a little girl who was apparently kidnapped. She believes the suspect in question may have snuck inside their community via a nearby creek.

Shocking! Alleged Drug Addict Stole a Car and Almost Kidnapped a Girl, If Not For the Efforts of a Village!

The suspect may have gotten away with the crime if the village guard hadn’t shut their gate closed immediately.

Ms. Naynes then proceeded to admonish the criminal who may have traumatized the young girl with his actions.


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