Rebisco Factory Worker Complains About The Security Guard Who Often Squeezes His Balls During Frisking!


Raffy Tulfo’s radio show, Raffy Tulfo In Action, took a turn for the weird when Rebisco factory worker Isidro Albao Jr. went on-air to report that the factory's security guard allegedly squeezed his balls.

Not once…

Not twice…

But three times.

You read that right. 

Allegedly, the security guard performed a “hard” body search on Isidro.

Here's an excerpt from Tulfo's interview with the factory worker:

Isidro: Diniinan nya po talaga sir eh.

Tulfo: Tapos pinisil pisil pa?

Isidro: opo ayun na nga.

Tulfo: bakit? Diniinan nya pagpisil nun this time?

Isidro: Opo nun kasi diniinan nya po talaga sir eh!

Tulfo: Ah siguro nung una di sya nakuntento kaya nung pangatlo diniinan nya!? Eh baka sa pangapat pipisain na nya.

The factory worker wondered if the guard was gay. He also said that, immediately after the ball-handling incident, he chose to just walk away to avoid traffic.

Of course, to make sure that the story was true, Tulfo called the security guard to tell his part of the story.

Julthir Angay, the security guard in question, said that they were not allowed to touch below the waist. He claims that he stopped Isidro because he felt a hard object above the worker’s belt. Following protocol, he wanted to record Isidro to make sure that it wasn’t stolen.

Additionally, even though there were no CCTV cameras to see what really went down, the guard said that the harassment would have been impossible as there were plenty of people waiting in line to witness what was happening.

Tulfo claimed that the guard's testimony was more credible since Isidro's reaction to the alleged harrassment did not fit his story.

The host then told the so-called victim that he believes his appearance on the show was just his way of absolving himself if something was indeed stolen from the factory.

Raffy Tulfo then proceeded to kick Isidro out, saying that he is not going to be a part of whatever Rebisco will decide to do against the man.

Watch the full interview here:

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