This Man Shared How Hard He Saved His First Million Pesos in Just 10 Years. See How He Made It Possible Here!


Earning money nowadays is very difficult especially if you don’t have a high salary. Saving money is even more difficult due to the expensive price of different products and services we purchase. In addition to that, the higher a person’s salary is, the higher his needs become. 

Still, some people try to do their best to save a bit of their income for the sake of their future. There are those who are wise enough to invest while there are individuals who are not daring enough to invest and instead just choose to save a portion of their earnings.

Meanwhile, there is one challenge which didn’t go viral probably because its name sounds so intimidating that when people hear it, they already lose hope in saving money. The challenge is called “First Million Challenge.” Obviously, the goal here is to save P1 million within 10 years.

Most people, upon hearing the name of the challenge, think it is impossible to do especially with their measly salaries. Some would agree though that it is indeed impossible to achieve with only a 5-digit income. The “First Million Challenge” would probably work best for people who earn at least 6-digits a month.

That is what an unknown netizen decided to do with his P110K income. 
In a post he shared with Facebook group Peso Sense,” the man told readers how difficult it was for him to achieve his goals through the challenge.

According to the mysterious netizen, he first heard of the challenge from his college professor around 8 years ago. However, due to certain events which happened in his life such as getting married and paying off loans, he wasn’t able to carry out the challenge until after at least 6 six years. 

In the end, he was able to achieve his P1 million goal but that’s probably due to the P100K he receives monthly from his job as a programmer. 


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