Python Steals The Food Of Another Python But Ends Up Being Eaten! How It Happened Will Blow Your Mind!


Hold on to your lunch because it’s about to go wild!

That’s right! In this video, you can see how a python ate another python who didn’t want to share his prey.

Instead of stealing the rat, the bigger python decided to devour the other python. 

Of course, as a constrictor, it first squeezed the life out of the other python, leaving no evidence.

It is actually a known fact that there are other species of snakes who exhibit cannibalistic behavior.

Watch the full video here:

“A rat thieving python challenges another python for his dinner but decides to eat him instead. #AnimalFightNight”

There were netizens who were surprised with what they just saw:

“So wait, he killed the snake, because he wanted his lunch, and just ended up eating him? That's messed up, least he cudve done was let him eat his rat first”
- Charles Carter

“I wasn't expecting the end bit nat geo wild you nearly give me a heart attack.”
- Hassan Ahmed

“Well that escalated quickly...”
-Johnny Sabía

There is one netizen who pointed out some factual discrepancies with the video.

“Great footage but the usual horrible, sensationalist commentary. This time with inaccuracies. The squeezing by a Python, it has recently been proven,constricts blood vessels cuts off the blood supply to the heart and kills it's prey much more quickly than suffocation. Vital for the survival of a snake when prey may be writhing with sharp claws, hooves etc. Also the Pythons jaw does not disconnect but it does have a very flexible cartilaginous hinge.”
-Charles Carter

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